Thursday, 14 July 2011

MAN made radiation

Man made radiation pose no less threat then the natural form of radiation. No body can ever forget the memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Recently there was another nuclear accident, an major earthquake jolted the plant and causes Higher amount of radiation to be present in the environment. This is just one example of  man made radiation hazard. There are lot other and more severe one. Even from the faulty apparatus of X-ray, diagnostician health can be in danger. These form of man made radiation are dangerous in nature as they emit highly ionizing ions as radiation which causes damages at cellular level to cause severe condition such as cancer. As the blog scrolls down more information can be retrieved about such hazard.

 Deformed baby as depicted above are still born in hiroshima, which is just showing the degree of adverse effect of radiation on human health. Mutation due to radiation from 50 years ago are still passed on to geneartion reasultin in major upset in cellular processes.

There are other sources of radiation: which include cosmic radiation and radiation from the crust of earth. Details on the source of radiaton can be found from the article.

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